Summer is here….!


So finally, after what seems like the longest winter ever, summer is here! Last week we had wall to wall sunshine all week and our lovely guests made the most of the sunshine, relaxing in the garden and soaking up the rays!

Sadly we have lost a few members of our family this month – our beloved cat Mutty passed away aged 17 years and left a huge hole in our lives.  He was such a lovely boy & everyone who met him just loved him – he didn’t give them much of a choice really!  Then very suddenly we lost one of our dogs Katie, totally out of the blue and this weekend Rusty the chicken passed away.  All our animals are very dear to us and losing any of them is really heartbreaking, 3 however is almost too hard to bear.


After 3 weeks of being without a cat, for the first time in 17 years, we decided that a cat free home just wasn’t a home so we now have 3 kittens who are currently causing havoc as they explore every surface and item of furniture – even the curtains! They will be allowed out in about 4 weeks time but for now they are indoor kittens & we just adore them! They are all brothers but have very different personalities.  Jasper (black with white boots) is the boss and the most aloof of the 3 of them, Teddy (white with tabby markings) is into everything but when he gets tired his little eyes go all watery and pink! Finally we have Milo (white with black markings) who is a mummies boy and loves cuddles and exploring the curtains!

Milo  Teddy & Jasper

Matilda & Pebbles are doing well and are enjoying all the attention that they get from our guests! If they had their way they would be itched and groomed all day everyday! They are finally loosing their winter coat, and are starting to look a little bit neater!  They have had their field restricted for the summer as they could suffer with a problem called laminitus (very painful if they get it) if they eat too much grass.  They don’t know about laminitus though and were a bit cross when mummy put the electric fencing up and regularly test it and if the battery has gone flat they lean on the tape and break out! We have their cunning plan foiled though and will hopefully have the fencing guys out in a week or so to put some post and rail fencing up!

The barn is looking lovely and the new door is a huge improvement giving direct access to the garden.  We have been booked for the summer holiday since last year, with guests already booking to come back in 2014 for the 3rd time! One of our greatest compliments was a wonderful couple who have been holidaying in Cornwall since 1967 who have said that they only want to say at our barn from now on!

The Royal Cornwall Show this year was a much different show to last year when the weather was so foul that I only managed 3 hours before I was so wet and cold that I had to come home! This year it was so hot that I came home with sunburned shoulders (and a lot of yummy fudge and cheese!).

It’s the Rock Oyster festival this weekend and we are hoping to pop up to see what its all about – I will report back!

We are making an effort to get out and about at the weekends – its a challenge as we both work long hours but we have a new motorbike and took it out for its inaugural ride a couple of weekends ago.  We headed to Tintagel and had a lovely lunch there and a little look around – we liked it so much that we hope to go back there this weekend! We then headed up the A39 to Barnstable, to watch a friend ride in a point to point race! It was a long day and over 200 miles which was probably a bit much for our first ride out of the year… we are getting older now and both suffered the next day with stiff hips and thighs!! Our next trip will be to lands end (only 100 miles round trip) so hopefully it will be less of an endurance ride than the last one!  With so many lovely places to see and explore there is no shortage of places to go in Cornwall and we are really looking forward to exploring every inch of it! (just not all in one day!)

Beautiful old post office in Tintagel



Hopefully the summer weather will return so that the farmer can come and cut our hay – hopefully we will get a good crop this year as it pays for all the work the farmer does through the year – which is endless really with 18 acres to keep on top of! We need to get to grips with the hedges but have to wait till the end of the summer as its illegal to trim hedges at this time of year due to nesting birds and wildlife.

Well I have managed to keep the kittens off my laptop for the duration of typing this blog but I’m going to sign off for now as my bed is calling.

Thanks for reading this – have a great summer!

M xx