• My first post!

    Well I am now living in Cornwall! I moved down in February with  4 dogs and Mutty the cat & I am well and truly settled in! The dogs just love it here! They particularly love flying round the field with ‘Mum’ on the quad, in fact Tally (the Jack Russell) will actually tell “Mum” off if he is going too slowly! 

    I still can’t get over the natural beauty of this county and the fact that I actually live here – this is my home! Just driving into town it still surprises me to see the sea so close – and walking down to Costa Coffee in Newquay last week the sea view was stunning.  There is so much to do and explore and I’m sad to say that I’ve done very little exploring since moving down as I’ve been so busy,  but there is plenty of time and if I discover little gems along the way I will blog about them so others can enjoy them too!  I did pop out last night for Rick Steins Fish & Chips from Padstow – its only about 10 mins drive from here, if that, and they were quite expensive for fish and chips – but were they worth it – YES! The best fish and chips i’ve ever had – worth having every other week (to counter the cost!) and a welcome night off for me and my Aga!

    I started to build the chicken house & run a few days ago….I have wanted to keep chickens for as long as I can remember but I have never had the room – well that is not the case now! So a fairly intelligent person set to work building a chicken house and run….14 hours and several do-overs later I am nearly finished! I think the instructions left a lot to be desired.  Or maybe its my ability to follow instructions? Anyway the “Chicken Hotel” as it as been renamed by my friends is all but complete.  Now all I need to do is get me some chickens!  Not having had them before I bought a couple of books on which chickens to get – now I’m more confused than I was to start with! I would like 6 chickens – although the “Chicken Hotel” will sleep 10 – and I would like them all to be different breeds (mainly so I can tell them apart!) I have found several breeders in Cornwall so watch this space – I will post pictures of them as soon as they arrive.

    This week I will don my painters outfit and start painting the barn! It just needs a little freshen up and I want to put up new curtains as it currently has blinds – and they are just not cosy are they! I don’t really enjoy painting if I’m really honest, so I bought myself a paint pod in the hope that it makes it easier and quicker……..we shall see!

    Well quite enough waffling for my first post – I’m not even sure if anyone will ever read it – its my first blog ever and I’m not even going to pretend that I understand how all this works! Just making it up as I go along (like building the Chicken House!). 






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