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  • Its been a long time…..

    2015  A long overdue Catch up

    Since I last wrote a post I have got a full time job! Its great and the income is much needed but it means that there is far less time for updating this website, so my apologies for this long overdue post!

    Its been a busy but great year here at Middle Lanherne Barn, its so lovely to see so many guests come back year after year, sometimes two, three or even four times in one year!!  It’s the ultimate compliment when my guests re-book so I am feeling very thankful as 2015 comes to a close.  On Monday I welcome back my most prolific guests who stayed twice this year as well as three times last year including Christmas week. After leaving on the 27th December they decided that a week wasn’t long enough and booked both the Christmas and New Year weeks last February! The tree gets delivered tomorrow and we are looking forward to decorating it and making the barn all ‘Christmassy’ for their arrival on Monday.  Father Christmas has been informed and will re-direct their presents as only he can!!

    So what news this year then…. Well the animals are all doing well…. ‘Rudely Healthy’ is the term I would use!! As you know, if you have stayed here all the animals here have great characters and none more so that the two little donkey diva’s Pebbles and Matilda!! I have plans for these two next year and I am hoping to find a very handsome and kind ‘husband’ for them so that in 2017 we will hopefully welcome two new arrivals in the form of baby miniature donkeys!!! (How cute would that be!).  Donkeys are pregnant for over a year, so it will be a long wait but worth it I hope!! The lambs continue to thrive; I had two orphans this year, Chloe & Daisy.  Chloe was always a strong lamb and really took to the bottle well and never looked back…. Daisy on the other hand was much weaker when she arrived and really struggled with the bottle-feeding.  So for 72 hours I fed her every 2 hours and eventually she got the hang of it and grew stronger.  They are both gorgeous girls and are out in the field keeping the grass down for the donkeys! Donkeys, like horses, can’t actually cope with too much rich grass.  It gives them something called Laminitis, which means that their feet hurt and if untreated, it can kill them.  So the sheep are an important part of the family here, as well as fun to bottle feed and have around the place.  They keep the grass short, which means that the donkeys don’t have their grazing restricted during the spring and summer when the grass grows quickly and is very rich in sugar.


    The feathered ones are doing well too…. The Ducks have finally started to lay eggs again after what seemed like, months of in activity! So I can start to bake again… you just can’t beat fresh duck eggs when baking a cake!


    As you know, Middle Lanherne Barn is a dog friendly holiday home and having lost my last dog last winter, I find myself strangely ‘dog-less’ for the first time in 20 years!  I’m getting used to it but I do miss them so its really nice to have visiting dogs here and they seem to love it too… with all the land here to run around and beaches to explore and seas to swim in, Cornwall is a lovely place to bring dogs to & our enclosed garden here means that when they are home, they are safe and secure.  It always makes me laugh how the donkeys just can’t help come over and mock the visiting dogs… they are not scared one bit, even when they get barked at, but maybe that’s because they know the dogs can’t get to them…. The word cocky springs to mind!!

    So that’s about all the news, nothing really changes here, maybe the odd additional animal, duck or chicken here or there but life here in Cornwall seems to be split into two seasons, the busy season from April to October and the quieter season from November to March.  I personally think its such a shame that more people don’t get to experience Cornwall in the quieter months,  with beaches to yourself, coastal walks in winter sunshine and cosy pubs with roaring fires… there is always something going on in Cornwall even in the winter. We have just had the Padstow Christmas Festival and it gets bigger and better every year it’s a great place to buy unusual Christmas gifts and of course a really foodie spectacular! There is also the beer and mussel festival in March at Rick Steins pub in St Merryn (10 mins up the road), I go every year and it’s a really fun weekend with food, live music, rugby & beer! I highly recommend it… and of course, you know where to stay if you fancy giving either of those a go!


    So that’s about it from me, I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy & healthy 2016 & hope to see you back again soon.


    Much love from us all!