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  • Happy New Year!

    Well I said goodbye to our last guests of 2012 yesterday.  They were here for New Years and were really lovely guests.  Even the weather improved a bit for their stay, the Minis and our latest addition Maisie a 4 year old cob for me to ride (eventually – I need to break her in first!!!) were a real hit and Maisie even got an apple left for her! (the minis like polos not apples and are still a little nervous of taking food from peoples hands!)  They made full use of the hot tub during their stay & it was really good to see people enjoying it!

    The wet weather has taken its toll on some of the windows in the barn so I have a window company coming out tomorrow to replace them & to add a door directly into the garden, which I’ve wanted to do since we moved down here!  This is the down side to living with such stunning views, it means that we are pretty exposed when the wind and rain sets in as it has done for the past 4 months!!!

    The new stable block is working really well for the minis and Maisie although we think we might move it as it currently faces the prevailing winds which blow from the coast.  Sometimes I forget that I am less than 2 miles (as the crow flies or seagulls in my case) from Mawgan Porth beach! Somedays I can even hear the sea from here – but thats not usually a good sign and it means that the waves are crashing but oddly I really like hearing it!

    I am hoping for another good year this year – I already have 7 weeks booked and enquiries for this year have started to come in now everyone is getting over the crazy Christmas break!

    I’m keeping my eyes open for any orphan lambs that need a home so fingers crossed I might just have a few more little people to add to my constantly growing family!

    All the chickens are doing well and laying loads of eggs! I thought that they were supposed to lay less during the winter but obviously no-one has told them that & they are laying away! I can’t get through all the eggs in a week so our guests benefit from their over production and they certainly don’t seem to mind! Doris update: she is still Doris!!! Somedays she can manage to find her way to the main chicken house to put herself to bed with the others but somedays she just gets a bit lost along the way! She is still the last one to get out of bed in the morning (but I don’t blame her – it is very cosy in there!).  So my mummy services are still needed to check that she is in bed and safe in the evenings! Good – its nice to be needed!

    I appear to be feeding the pheasant population of Cornwall too! Some enterprising pheasants have decided that Middle Lanherne is a safe house and have chosen to hang out in the field, not content with this, they hop (pheasants are rubbish at flying!) over the fence and tuck into the chickens food! This causes a bit of commotion with the chickens and Mother has to come and evict the said interlopers!

    I think it would be nice to have some more chicks this year and there seems to be no shortage of broody hens for me to choose from! I plan to get some eggs for them to sit on in March and we will see if we can’t have some chicks for Easter! Hopefully we will get a higher percentage of girls this year! Annie is our only chick from last year as all the others were boys! The jury is still out on Smokey my grey chicken – she or he certainly doesn’t look like all the others and I am still not convinced that she will not turn out to be a he!!!!! No sign of any cockadoodledoo-ing yet though!

    I have decided to include welcome packs for free from now on! So all guests will now arrive to find eggs, bread, cheese, bacon, butter, milk, orange juice, scones, jam and clotted cream! Obviously I will still provide tea, coffee & sugar too so that hopefully it means that it will be even easier to relax as soon as guests arrive!

    Oh Oh Oh – very exciting news – I have a local Chinese restaurant that delivers to me….. Yes! you read that right – THEY DELIVER!!! The food is really very good and I can’t believe that finally I live somewhere where I can get take away food delivered – who would have thought that it would have been here! There is a menu in the barn for those who fancy a onsie snuggly evening in with no cooking!

    The Cornish Arms in St Merryn and the Beach Hut are still my favourite places to eat out… but there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from down here…. spoiled for choice!

    Obviously I, along with everyone else in the UK,  am hoping for a much drier year this year so that we can enjoy the many events that go on in Cornwall like the Royal Show and the various events such as Polo on the Beach that take place at Watergate Bay – I think we deserve a warm sunny year don’t you?

    Well thats all for now, I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy & happy 2013 and look forward to seeing our lovely repeat guests as well as new guests during the year.

    Bye for now

    M x