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  • Autumn & the arrival of the marvelous minis!

    Hello! Its been a while since my last post – for which I apologise! After a very busy summer we were expecting bookings to slow down in September and October and how wrong I was! I really could not have wished for a better first year and I’ve been so so lucky with all the fantastic guests we have had stay here. Plus the weather finally improved and stopped raining! I went to Polo on the Beach at Watergate Bay in September and despite it being cold and windy, it was a great event and I even got to see Mary King learning to play Polo!



    I have had a few 2013 bookings already as well as a booking for New Year & I am looking forward to decorating the barn and I think it will look amazing decorated all Christmassy!

    The highlight of the autumn has been the long awaited arrival of my two Miniature Donkeys – Pebbles and Matilda! Pebbles is 2 years old and Matilda is 8 months old and they are just adorable!  They have their own little characters – Pebbles is shy and is not too keen on going anywhere without her little friend and Matilda is much more confident and is happy to lead the way! They love being in their field and we now have a lovely mobile field shelter to enable them to get out of the wind and rain! They come in at night into their stable where they learned very quickly that there will be carrots and apples hidden in their hay! At first they seemed to be quite scared of their stable but they just love it now!  They are also enjoying being groomed in the evening and we hope to have a few helpers who can take part in Donkey O’Clock!


    The plan is that next year little Pebbles will be 3 and will be old enough to be mated and then all we have to do is keep everything crossed and one year later hopefully we will have a little foal! Matilda has a few years to wait till she can be a mum but she will make the most wonderful Auntie!

    The Chickens are all doing well – I have had a few broody hens through the summer and we are still not entirely sure if Smokey is a boy or a girl!!!! Doris is still Doris and very special to me and all my guests! She has grown over the summer and has finally worked out how to put herself to bed….well most of the time! Every now and then she gets a bit lost but I don’t leave it to chance and am always there at bed-time in case she needs pointing in the right direction! If I am really lucky I get to see one of these amazing sunsets.

    My plan for the barn in the quiet weeks of January and February is to put a door into the garden where there is a window.  It looks like it once was a door and quite why it was blocked up is beyond me but it would make it so much easier to access the garden and the hot tub so its a no brainer really! I will also take that time to freshen up the paint work to keep the barn looking lovely – so no rest for the wicked! Meanwhile Mutty (my cat) has gone into full winter mode as you can see by this photo!

    I am hoping to get some sheep too but the breeder ran out before we were able to get some this year! So I will wait till next year and hope to get 2 shearlings and 2 ewes to breed from.   I am going with Wiltshire Horn sheep as they do not require shearing as they shed their own fleece! One less job for me to do!

    Well thats quite enough waffling from me for now!

    M xx