Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Ark Needed!

    So much rain! I can’t believe how much it has rained in the past couple of months.  It is so frustrating as there is so much to do outside and we can’t get anything done.  We have had to put getting more animals on hold for now as the farmer can’t get in to cut the fields and the grass is so long! 

    The Chickens are all doing well – except the lovely Stevie who died suddenly one day.  She had been such a good mum to the chicks and it was really sad when I went out to put them to bed at night and found her just lying there.  I have to say I shed a few tears, which I know is silly but she was such a lovely chicken. We have laid her to rest in the garden so she will always be with us! The baby chicks are all grown up now, it turned out that we had 3 boys and just one girl.  As the boys had already started fighting they were relocated at the weekend to Jackie Chickens and we bought back another little girl to keep Annie company. So Annie and Essie are now part of the chicken clan and have been accepted well into the group.  Doris is still Doris and refuses to put herself to bed at night or get out of bed on her own in the morning so I have to do it! If you have seen the film Finding Nemo, she reminds me of Dori! She is literally like a goldfish and can’t remember anything, so every time I pick her up is like the first time she has ever been picked up! She’s so funny and you can’t help but love her to pieces.

    I have been out and about a bit and went to the seal sanctuary a couple of weeks ago.  It is a really lovely place to go, the seals look so well and healthy and the staff were extremely helpful and informative.  The good news was that there were no seals in the hospital.  I was expecting a bit of a fishy smell to the place but there really isn’t and I think its a great place for kids and adults to spend a couple of hours and if the weather is nice to take a picnic!  If it were nearer I would literally go every couple of weeks!

    The highlight of my week last week was to go horse riding at Newquay Riding Stables.  We had a lovely couple staying in the barn and Sarah is also a keen horse rider mentioned that she might like to ride.  I offered to go with her if her husband didn’t fancy it and off we went last Thursday.  We had a severe weather warning that day, forecasting storms, thunder and all sorts of horrid weather, but we decided to tough it out and go anyway! So in all sorts of wet weather gear we arrived at the stables and we given our horses, Eddie for me and Pie for Sarah.  They were both lovely coloured cobs (like gypsy horses) and they were very well behaved.  We rode for 2 hours, through the sea, on the beach, through little villages and up onto open moorland.  It was really lovely and it did not rain once! We did get a bit hot due to all the wet weather gear we were wearing but we didn’t care! NO RAIN! Whoo Hoo!  If i’m honest my knees did ache when I got off (i’m not as young and riding fit as I once was!) and the next day I could feel bits of me i’d forgotten I had, but it was so worth it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is coming down this way.  They take kids from 7 years old and cater for beginners and more experienced riders.  Its a really lovely way to see Cornwall and if you need someone to go with well…….look no further! 🙂

    Its a busy time of year now as I have guests back to back till September, I really hope the weather improves, fortunately there is still lots to do when it rains down here.  I had one guest email me about finding a riding stables for her boys ages 3 and 5, I did ask at the stables I rode at but due to insurance they are unable to take novice children under 7 years old.  While driving round a roundabout i’ve driven round hundreds of times about 5 miles from here I saw a sign for Springfields Fun Park and Pony Centre, so I went to see what it was all about.  Its a pony centre with other cute animals and indoor and outdoor play areas, the children can ride ponies and tractors and generally have fun regardless of the weather! It looks great and I’m looking forward to my niece and nephews coming down so I’ve got an excuse to go!

    Here’s hoping for some sunshine soon!