Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Blowing a Hooley, Segways & Miniature Donkeys!

    Well its June – not that you would know it by the weather over the past couple of weeks! Last week we had the WORST weather we have experienced since moving down here, 70mph winds and driving rain for 3 days! Being on top of a hill has its downsides when the winds blow.  It was so bad it took the hot tub cover clean off the hot tub, despite being clipped down and launched it down the field! Fortunately our lovely guests retrieved it for us before too much damage was done! The timing of the bad weather couldn’t have been worse as it was half term, the Jubilee bank holiday and the Royal Cornwall Show.  I had been really looking forward to going to the Royal Cornwall Show so on Thursday despite waking up to strong winds and rain, I made my way up the road to Wadebridge where the show ground is.  I left really early in the morning as the traffic is really bad and arrived at just after 8.30am, It is a huge show with so much to see and do.  Locals had told me that you need 3 days to see it all and I have to say I didn’t believe them but they were right! Unfortunately due to the weather, after 4 hours I was so cold and wet that I decided to come home.  I know that some of the tents were damaged due to the wind and they had to tow cars out as the car parks got so muddy from all the rain.  I feel really sorry for all those who were exhibiting at the show and the organisers, I can imagine that it takes a huge amount of work to put on a show like that and the vile weather certainly put a dampener on the show.  Its in my calendar though for next year and hopefully the weather will be better.

    I went to see some Miniature Donkeys a couple of weeks ago and fell in love, they are without a doubt the cutest creatures in the world.  We are waiting for the weather to get better and we can then get the fields cut for hay and at the end of July we can get the hedges sorted.  Once this is done we can sort out the fencing and hopefully then we can get some animals here! I can’t wait! We are going to start with some sheep and mini donks …….we are also planning to move the chickens to another “garden” so we can use the area they are currently in as a vegetable garden.  Hopefully we can get the beds built by the end of the summer so that they are ready for planting for next year.  I haven’t got a clue about growing vegetables but I am looking forward to learning!

    On the plus side all this rain is filling up our water butts nicely! However, we found we had a water leak in our main water pipe – the reason we found this out was the horrid damp smell that was permutating our cottage.  Knowing you probably have a leak and finding it are two very different things! We found a damp spot by the side of the drive and set about digging that up but it wasn’t till we were half way across the drive that we found the leak! It is now fixed and we were pretty proud of ourselves as neither of us have ever fixed a pipe before.  We did, however, manage to get the Kango stuck in the ground and it took an hour to get it out! Hopefully its all fixed now and once we have a dry day we can get the concreting done! We are learning that we can do so much more DIY than we thought we could and our confidence is growing all the time.

    We had some family down over the jubilee weekend and we did loads of fun stuff but the most fun we had was over at Goonhilly with Cornwall Segways where we rode segway for an hour and a half.  They are great and everyone had such fun, especially the men who spent most of the time trying to push each other off! I would highly recomend it if you are coming down – they also have a centre in Newquay if you don’t fancy travelling so far.