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  • Beaches, Cream Teas, Spas & Chicks!

    Well Hello! I’ve been a busy bee these past couple of weeks.  I’ve had some friends come down to stay and so I’ve been doing touristy stuff and its been great fun! We’ve wandered round the lanes in Padstow & had yummy cream teas! Padstow is a lovely village and just being there makes me feel that relaxed “on holiday” feel every time.  We’ve also tried and tested Fistral Spa in Newquay (I went there twice in one week as both sets of friends wanted to go – its a hard life but someone has to live it!!!!) The spa is lovely and we had a “girls night in” which consists of use of the facilities, and either a back neck and shoulder massage or indian head massage and a mini manicure or pedicure plus champagne & nibbles!  The first time I went there we were give the hugest plate full of chocolates, about 20 of them, and yes we did polish off the lot! The second time we were given a antipasti plate full of really tasty nibbles and yes again we polished it off!  I would highly recommend it – book in advance and give yourself a few hours of relaxing pampering!

    I’ve got a favourite local restaurant now! I’ve been there a few times since moving down here and the food, views & service is fabulous – its the Beach Hut at Watergate Bay.  I’m sure it probably gets really busy in the summer with all the surfers as its a very popular surfing beach – but it’s so lovely to sit and watch the sea and waves while eating their amazing mussels or calamari or pork rib! They do a mean extreme hot chocolate too with whipped cream, marshmallows & chocolates! Nom Nom! Again I would recommend booking a table if you want to eat dinner there!

    We had a day down at Perranporth – a small village with a lovely large beach and it has the bonus of having a pub actually on the beach (! We were actually able to sit outside as the weather was great that day (despite there being severe weather warnings in place!) and its a great spot for people watching! We did a spot of rock pooling – you are never too old for this! Didn’t catch much but we were out of the wind it & it was a lovely way to spend an hour or two! After an exhausting hour of rock pooling (we had exhausted ourselves by laughing so much!) we headed into the village for a delicious ice cream!

    Like most people I had heard of the Eden Project and felt like I ought to go – I’m not going to say too much as I am sure some people would love it but I have to say that I just didn’t “get” it – maybe I’m just not into plants enough!  The two Biomes were very impressive buildings and it did feel like being inside a Bee’s eye, the Rainforest one was really hot and as it was a cold windy day when we went, we ended up having to strip off while in there as we started boiling to death! In my opinion it it more of an educational place to go rather than a tourist attraction as I just don’t feel that it is interactive enough.  The highlight of the day, however, was seeing a driftwood horse sculpture by Heather Jansch.  She is one tallanted artist and the sculpture was on display at the entrance and was incredible to see in real life.  I would now really like to go to visit her sculpture gardens in Newton Abbot, Devon.

    We also visited St Ives – its not that far from us really – about 30 – 40 mins drive and its a really pretty town with great shopping and a huge choice of restaurants.  There seems to be loads to do there and I am looking forward to going back at the end of the month as they are having a food and drink festival at the end of May!

    Friday was a very exciting day…..the eggs that Stevie has been sitting on for the past 3 weeks started to hatch! I popped down to Mole Valley Farmers to get some chick crumbs for the new arrivals and having looked on the internet it said that it can take 12 hours for the chicks to emerge from the egg but by the time I got back there was one already out! I moved Stevie the new chick and the 3 remaining eggs to the maternity unit (the lemons are now in with all the other chickens and all is well!) and within the time it took me to move them another chick had popped out! I can’t begin to explain how cute they are! Now I have 4 chicks and Stevie seems to be doing an excellent job with them.  I lifted her out yesterday to remove the eggshells and to check all 4 chicks were ok.  She was none to impressed and was desperate to get back to them.  Luckily there was time to take a couple of quick snaps so I can share the cuteness! I will have to wait a while to find out what sex they are.  Silkies are very difficult to sex and I have a girls aloud policy here as I suspect that holiday makers would rather not be woken up every morning at silly O’clock by crowing cockrals! Any boys will be rehomed to Jacqui and I am really hoping that they are not all boys! I could seriously become addicted to this – at this rate we will need another coup ……. well we do have plenty of room!!!!!!

    As for the boiler – touch wood it seems to be behaving itself! The chimney is now lined and we have a new cowl on the chimney to stop the Jackdaws filling it up with twigs.  I have included a photo of just two weeks worth of postings which had to be cleared out of the chimney before the lining and cowl were installed!

    Still no word from BT about when my line will be connected ……not going to say anymore about this as it just puts me in a bad mood!

    I’m off next week to go and help Jaqui Chickens with her alpaca boys – they haven’t had halters on since last year and she is due to show them in a couple of weeks & needs another pair of hands! They are so easy to do compared to horses and I halter walked her younger boys a couple of weeks ago when I popped down for the 2nd Lemon! They can still kick though so I will have to watch out!

    Phew! my fingers are hurting now – i’m off to make some pasties! I’m having an indoor day today as the weather is really foul out there with driving rain and high winds!

    Take Care

    M x